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onesymbolshort's Journal

30 June
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Reggie is a 17 year-old Pokémon Breeder from Veilstone
City of the Sinnoh region. He was once a seasoned trainer,
having traveled through Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, and most
of Sinnoh. He has also participated in the Battle Frontier, winning
six of seven Symbols. He is currently retired as a trainer.

Reggie is taken from a fanfiction written by the
talented Shinneth called Travels of the Trifecta!
(Specifically, from chapter seven). His character
remains essentially unchanged, though with
the addition of some behind-the-scenes drama,
he is significantly deeper. His mother died when he
was nine years old, leaving only himself, his brother
Paul, and his father, Pyramid King Brandon. And because
of his father's profession, he is rarely home, essentially
shattering what bonds remained of this family.

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